There are many varied aspects to the planning process. After identifying your objectives, we tailor our services to best suit your needs.

  • Planning Service

    We can provide specific advice on development proposals, exempted development provisions and aspects of planning law. We are available for consultation by phone or in person to discuss any issue in a clear and concise manner.

  • Strategic Planning Submission

    We monitor Development Plans for our clients and make representations to protect their interests. We have had significant success in achieving desired re-zonings or development objectives. With the introduction of Core Strategies, strategic planning submissions are a key aspect of our services.

  • Planning Objections and Planning Submissions

    If you have concerns about a development proposed in your area, we can make a submission to the Local Authority or An Bord Pleanála expressing the issues in a detailed and specific manner on your behalf.

  • Planning Applications

    Applications should be prepared and presented in a manner, which offers the best chance of success. We work with design teams to ensure the proposal complies with Development Plan policy and planning legislation. Having us manage a project through the planning system can save clients time and money.

  • Development Potential Assessments

    With our extensive experience we can provide an independent and objective assessment of the development potential of land. We can advise on the feasibility of accommodating various types of development, the appropriate uses and the best strategy to achieve planning permission.

  • Planning Appraisals

    We can offer independent guidance and advice on the planning considerations relating to a site or existing development. This can involve considering alternative land uses, reviewing the conditions of a permission, or extending the life of an extant planning approval. Often new applications prove necessary to address a changed market.

  • Environmental Assessment

    Significant planning applications may have to be accompanied by an Enviornmental Impact Statement. We have extensive experience in the preparation and co-ordination of such statements, combining necessary input from other experts to provide a comprehensive assessment of the proposed development.

  • Retail Assessment

    We are experienced in carrying out and co-ordinating Retail Impact Assessments to accompany planning applications for a range of retail developments.

  • Planning Enforcement/Compliance/ Bond Recovery

    If a client receives a Warning Letter or Enforcement Notice from the Local Authority, we will respond in a professional manner and liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure the matter is resolved. We are also experienced in addressing compliance issues relating to planning conditions in order to successfully achieve bond recovery.

  • Site Characterisation Assessment

    Site Characterisation Assessment is a crucial early stage in the development of one off houses and sites remote from mains connections. In tandem with our extensive planning experience we offer this service and recommend an appropriate treatment system and course of action prior to the commencement of the planning process. This service will ensure that clients save time and money over the course of a rural housing project.

  • Monitoring

    We can provide a specialist service to institutions, companies and other landowners to monitor Government legislation and policy changes, along with the local Development Plan context for any potential impacts on our clients interests.

  • Project Management and Team Co-ordination

    We have extensive experience in leading and coordinating design teams for large scale planning applications to ensure the planning stage is managed efficiently and delivered to client deadlines.

  • Strategic Housing Developments

    We are involved in a range of SHD applications for housing, co-living, BTR, and student accommodation. We have extensive experience and a proven track record in navigating clients through this ‘fast-track’ planning process.

  • Extending the Life of a Permission

    In many instances, extending the life or a permission represents the most obvious means to ensure that sites retain some level of commercial viability. It is crucial that such applications are successfully managed to ensure they stand the best change of standing up to scrutiny by the local Planning Authority. We have extensive experience in making successful applications in this regard.

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